AutoPot - 25 Gallon FlexiTank

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Discover the AutoPot FlexiTank 25 Gallon Reservoir

This AutoPot FlexiTank 25 Gallon Reservoir is equipped with a 5/8" valve (lower part) through which the 5/8" supply hose is connected to the Autopot Easy2grow or 1 Pot extensions.

Very practical, each folding tank is equipped with a 5/8" valve in the upper part so that you can fill your tank with a garden hose. No more crossing the house with buckets of water!

Flexitank Reservoir...

  • is foldable
  • for Hydroponic System

Detailed description :

  • Box size and weight: 31 x 7 x 5” / 4.4lbs
  • When full of water: 17” dia x 29.5” high
  • Fits where other reservoirs cannot go
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Capacity 25 Gallons

Package Includes :

1x 25 Gallon folding Autopot tank - Integrated lid + 5/8" outlet valve


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