Blade Filters BF1460i 2520 CFM 14" Carbon Filter Replacement cartridge

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           BLADE FILTERS BF1460i            14" Replacement cartridge

Blade Filters BF1460i  2520 CFM (Recirc. CFM) 14”x60”


Make the move to zero-waste, Canadian, carbon filters! The trusted choice by Canadian licensed producers.
A two piece system with a stainless steel outer-housing and replaceable carbon cartridge. Once attached to the inline fan, the outer-housing never gets replaced. When your have to change the filter, simply slide the old carbon cartridge out of the outer-housing and slide the new one back in.

Quick, clean and simple - The new generation of carbon filters.

Benefits of a replaceable carbon cartridge:
- Zero-Waste: Helping keep the industry green through our recycling program.
- Time Savings: Only takes two minutes to change a filter.
- Cost Savings: Only replace the carbon cartridge.
- Proudly Canadian: Based in Ontario.
- Superior Quality: Stainless steel filters, with above standard carbon.

- 4” to 14” flanges available.
- 4mm, North American, granular carbon which is first screened then machine packed.
- 2” carbon bed.
- Stainless steel outer-housing and galvanized steel carbon cartridges.
- Very low pressure drop on all sizes.

Technical Data:
- Prefilter: Yes
- Flange size: 14"
- Height: 60"
- Recirculating CFM: 2520
- Exhausting CFM: 1260
- Carbon bed depth: 2”

Package Includes:
- 1x Carbon cartridge
- 1x Pre-filter


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