CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmer Model 2 (DBT2)

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CenturionPro DBT Model 2 Dry Bud Trimming Machine

With up to 15 pounds per hour of dry weight trimming capacity, the DBT Model 2 is ideal for small to medium sized harvests.

Developed specifically for harvesting delicate dried c******s or hemp, the DBT Model 2 streamlines processes while safeguarding standards.

Featuring soft tumble technology and variable speed control for enhanced versatility, the DBT Model 2 applies the perfect cut every time regardless of flower size, shape or density.

Superior flower needs superior harvesting solutions, which protect ca**abinoid and terpene profiles.

The market’s best value dry batch trimmers are also the most careful, with optional CenturionPro’s Kief Filter Screen collecting any trichomes that detach to maximize the harvest’s value.

Constructed with Stainless Steel with the best brand-name parts, the Dry Batch Trimmers are elite harvesting solutions built to meet industry compliance and exceed industry expectations.


  • Efficient Trimming:
    The DBT Model 2 can trim up to 15 pounds of dry product in an hour, equal to the job of 60 people.

  • Filter Kief Efficiently:
    Add the kief screen tumbler to your DBT Model 2 to filter through the trim after you're done the trimming cycle for more efficiency.

  • Compact Design:
    The DBT Model 2 is 31 inch long, and stands only at 29 inches, making it fit in tight spots in your facility.

  • Upgradable:
    Should you want to increase the efficiency of the DBT Model 2, add the kief screen tumbler so that you can focus more on making business.


  • Trims up to 15 pounds of dry product in an hour
  • Does the job of 60 people trimming by hand without sacrificing quality
  • Measures at 31 inches long and 29 inches high
  • Covered with a 3-year warranty

What Is Included

  • CenturionPro DBT Model 2
  • Trim Bin
  • Manual


Kief Screen Tumbler (Add-On)
Make sure that nothing goes to waste by swapping the the trim drum on your DBT to a 150 micron kief screen tumbler.

This screen catches the leafy trim that detaches from the flower and allows the kief to filter through effectively separating your trim from your kief.


CenturionPro Solutions (the manufacturer) will repair or replace, without charge, any parts have proven defective in material or workmanship for a period of 3 years on the Trimming Machine
The warranty period will begin on the date the machine(s) is purchased by the initial purchaser. Product or component warranty defects can be remedied at any authorized service dealer, or directly at the manufacturer.

Any service work performed, and deemed valid due to a defective part, will be free of charge. CenturionPro Solutions reserves the right to use any manufacturer-approved replacement part for the warranty repair.

The machine or defective part then must be returned to the manufacturer for analysis or replacement at the cost of the owner. Parts deemed to be covered under the warranty will be provided for free excluding shipping costs.

Do not return the machine to the place of purchase for repair or warranty claims, unless you have been authorized by CenturionPro Solutions to do so. The place of purchase can only sell replacement parts and will not repair any warranty issues unless it is noted as an authorized repair dealer and has been authorized to work on your machine.



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