CenturionPro HP3 - Triple High Performance Bucker

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Centurion Pro HP3 Bucker Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine

Upsize your bucking capacity with the CenturionPro HP3 Buckers.

The HP3 Bucker is the HP1 Bucker, but with thrice the capacity.

Featuring three units with five inserts each of up to 3/4 inches in diameter, you can buck wet buds of up to 500 pounds or dry buds of up to 100 pounds in an hour.

The HP3 is powerful enough to do the job of up to 21 workers, thanks to the three (3) on-board 0.75 horsepower motors. Feed it continuously to get the most mileage every use.

The HP3 is durable and easy to clean, thanks to its anodized aluminum and stainless steel build.

The HP3 comes with the Bucker Stand. Take it anywhere with the Bucker Stand’s industrial casters, or upgrade to the Off-Road Field Wheels so you can go from harvest to bucking in minutes.

Use the HP3 with other CenturionPro products for a seamless transition between processes of your production.

Covered with a five-year warranty, use the HP3 without worrying about after-sales support.



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