CenturionPro Metal & Mesh Hopper

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CenturionPro Metal & Mesh Hopper

The Centurion Pro Hopper uses a simplistic and sleek design to keep your bud trimmer trimming reducing down time. This large capacity hopper is very convenient to use, catering to all your trimming needs. If you’ve invested in the best bud trimmer, then your accessories should also be second to none.

We’ve designed this light-weight hopper so it’s customized to fit the size of all our trimming machines. Its large basket holds 20-30lbs of wet un-trimmed product conveniently inline positioned to be entered into the machine.

Use the Hopper to support your Centurion Pro Mini, Silver Bullet, Original, and Gladiator. You’ll love its durable and Light weight aluminum frame construction. Not only this, but its weather resistant material makes it dependable every day of the week in any climate. This revolutionary Hopper uses timeless black non-stick mesh material that makes work easier. It requires minimal maintenance and cleaning times so you can focus on what matters most.

If you’re looking for a product that accommodates the CenturionPro Trimmer product line look no further than the hopper.


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