EcoPlus Eco396 396 gph Submersible Pump

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Discover the EcoPlus Eco396 396 gph Submersible Pump

EcoPlus® Fixed Flow Rate Submersible or Inline pumps are great for a variety of application including hydroponics, aquariums, ponds and more.
These magnetic driven pumps are constructed with a high-quality rare earth rotor magnet which helps deliver an efficient, powerful and constant water flow.
All pumps are oil-free and have a ceramic shaft impeller that allows for use in fresh or saltwater applications. Pumps include a variety of attachment fitting to choose from as well as a strainer and foam filter. For use indoors or outdoors.

Detailed Description :

- Volume (cf) : 0.0909
- Weight (lb) : 1.5
- Length (in) : 8.3
- Width (in) : 4.4
- Height (in) : 4.3
- Instructions : 

Package Includes :

1x EcoPlus Eco396 396 gph Submersible Pump


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