Grozone OB2V Output Box Dimmer Controller

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Discover the Grozone OB2V Output Box Dimmer Controller

The OB2V is designed to work as an optional output box for the SCC1. It is intended to replace the standard 120V fan output (On/Off) of the SCC1 by a 120V variable-speed fan output.

Switching your centrifugal fan from the standard output to the optional OB2V output will improve the temperature stability in your grow room, reducing the stress on your plants and also the noise normally associated with fans.

The OB2V works as a Grozone fan controller TV1 or TV2. Unlike the TV1 or TV2, the OB2V does not have any dials or temperature probe. The OB2V uses the SCC1 temperature dial and probe values to control the fan.

Package includes

1x Grozone OB2V Output Box Dimmer Controller


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