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The Escort

The Escort is an odor absorbing, water resistant, backpack. With multiple compartments, it works well to carry all accessories. Inside the Escort is a laptop divider to protect the technology you may need to carry. Also inside is a secret stash pocket that you'll find is just the right size for Revelry Supply's flask, the Accomplice.

Black - black exterior, black trim, brown suede, brass hardware.
Crosshatch Grey - crosshatch grey exterior, black trim, brown suede, brass hardware.
Marine - marine exterior, beige trim, brown suede, brass hardware.
Navy Blue - navy blue exterior, beige trim, brown suede, brass hardware.
Striped Black - stripted dark grey exterior, black trim, black suede, black hardware.
Smoke - smoke exterior, black trim, black hardware.


  • Odor absorbing
  • Water resistant
  • Dual carbon filter
  • Silicone backed nylon
  • Custom protective lining
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Lockable
  • Laptop divider
  • Double side pockets
  • Secret inner stash pocket
  • Genuine leather accents
  • Metal hardware


What sets these bags above the rest is their ability to encapsulate odors, preventing their escape, and to protect against water damage. The key to their high functionality is a custom system of layers used in each bag. The outermost layer is a rubber-backed nylon which is what makes these bags water resistant and also keeps odors contained within the bag. Working your way into the bag, there is a Dual Carbon Filter. These layers work together to filter out any unwanted odors. Lastly, we have a cotton lining. It is soft to the touch and also helps to protect the longevity of the Dual Carbon Filter. What also sets these bags apart are the high quality materials. all bags have rubber-coated zippers, genuine leather accents, and metal hardware.

Refresh your bag by simply placing in the dryer for a few minutes—until warm—to release all absorbed odors.


One backpack
Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 5"

Weight: 1.8 lbs


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