Secret Jardin Webit 150 Web Plant Support 5' X 5'

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Discover the Secret Jardin Webit150 Web Plant Support 5' X 5' netting

Secret Jardin offers a complete range of web support to hold your plant : the WEBIT.

- Made of solid elastic fibre of 3mm of diameter, the Secret jardin WEBIT can be fixed on all tents, with the vertical tubes and allowing your plant to stay up.
- If your tent has a space booster – 4 horizontal bars – see section – you will be able to attach your WEBIT with the spacce booster using the CableIT provided, this will stretched them further.

Detailed description

- Dimensions : 5' x 5'

Package includes

1x Secret Jardin WEBIT150 WEB PLANT SUPPORT 5' X 5'


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