Spectrum King 140W Mother’s Lil' Helper LED Grow Light

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Discover the Spectrum King 100W Mother's Little Helper LED Grow Light.

Mother’s Lil’ Helper 140W LED Grow Light … is just what the name says!

It's 140 Watt, patent pending, full spectrum LED Grow Light that replaces T5, 400Watt MH, and 315CMH fixtures. It is a commercial grade fixture designed for years of consistent maintenance free use. Designed to keep your mother plants going strong, for vegetative growth as well as your seedlings and clones. 

It is nationwide compliant, boasting a rugged IP65 rated water resistant heatsink, suitable for wet and humid environments. The Mother’s Lil’ Helper comes with 90-degree reflectors for better light distribution. The light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use. The warranty also covers five years of mechanical related issues.

Characteristics : 

    • Input Voltage – 110V – 277V AC
    • Light Source – LED
    • Frequency Range – 50~60Hz

    • Ideal Replacement – 8 Bulb T5 Units, 315W CMH Fixture & 400W MH
    • Lumens – 13,100
    • CCT – 5,000K
    • Photon / W – 1.33

    • Light Beam Angle – 90 Degree
    • Body Lens – Glass
    • Body Case Material – Die Cast Aluminum
    • Product Size –12”x 10”

    • Product Weight – 11.5 lbs Packaged

    • Suitable Distance Over Canopy 90° Reflector – Veg: 24″ Flower: 18″

    • Coverage Area Veg – 4’x4’ @18”-24”


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