SunBlaster Original T5HO Growlight Garden Large - Black (1600200)

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Discover the SunBlaster Original T5HO Growlight Garden Large - Black (1600200)

Fresh, Fast & Fabulous Greens All Year Round!

Growlight Gardens come to you as complete and Ready to Grow gardens.

Just assemble and add your favorite starting mix, seeds  or starter plants of your choice, water and you will be growing in no time.

The Growlight Garden will get your favorite seeds started and ready to transplant quickly. 

The attractive table top design makes it perfect for use in the home, office or restaurant. Anywhere  you want to grow fresh herbs, micro greens or perhaps showcase your favorite plants.

The Growlight Garden :

- Compact
- Easy and quick to assemble
- Ideal for table or kitchen counter-top use.

The sturdy recycled plastic base acts as a reservoir for water.
In this tray sits a stand covered by a sheet of absorbent cloth that draws water up and into the bottoms of the planted seed trays by capillary action.

Included are two SunBlaster T5HO 24" 24 Watt 6400K and an adjustable curved reflective hood flood the growing area in full spectrum light, while using 20% less electricity than traditional lighting systems.

It includes four reusable segmented trays for planting, the reservoir stand, wick sheet for optional "self watering," and full instructions.

Detailed description

- W 60cm (24") x D 40cm (14") x T 43cm (17").
- All plastic components are 100% recycled.

- Weight 15 Pounds

Package includes

1x SunBlaster GROW LIGHT GARDEN and Two SunBlaster T5HO 24" 24 Watt 6400K with reflectors.


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