Ushio HiLUX GRO™ 1000W MH Conversion Opti-Blue Bulb

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Discover the Ushio HILUX GRO 1000W MH Conversion Opti-Blue BULB

Professional growers will not use just any lamps to get just any results.
They require specialty-grade lamps to maximize their growth and profits.
This is why professionals choose USHIO, a specialty lighting manufacturer.
The USHIO Hilux Gro™ professional grade lamp types are manufactured at our European ISO 9001 certified factory and are used by a multitude of OEM’s and professionals worldwide.

> Features & Benefits :

- Super high output lamp technology
- Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and irradiance
- Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
- Highest quality and consistent performance
- Engineered in ISO 9001 certified facility
- 400W, 600W, 1000W SUPER high output MH with maximized output in both blue and red spectral range
- Conversion bulb to operate on ANSI coded HPS ballast
- SUPER MH bulb with maximum output in both blue and red spectrum
- Optimized for maximized branching and vegetative growth, and added red spectrum for flowering efficiency
- Outperforms standard MH bulbs

Detailed description

- Watts : 1000
- Lamp Description : AMH-1000/Opti-Blue/Conversion
- PAR (MMOL/S) : 1,250
- Color Temp (K) : 7000
- Operating Current : 4.2A
- Max. Starting Current : 5.6A
- Ave.Life : 12,000 hours
- MOL (mm) : 284
- Burn Position : Universal
- Lamp VOltage : 230-280V
- Ignition Voltage : 4KV-5KV
- Warm up time : 3 minutes
- Regnition time : 10 minutes
- Bulb Type : T25
- Dia. (mm) : 76
- Ballast : HPS S52

Package includes

1x Ushio HILUX GRO 1000W MH Conversion Opti-Blue BULB


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