Vortex PROfilter PRO50 450 CFM 6" Carbon Filter by Atmosphere

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Discover the Vortex PROfilter PRO50 450 CFM 6" Carbon Filter by Atmosphere

Most cylindrical-type air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused. Vortex PROfilter’s innovative patented design allows reversal of the filter, benefitting of 100% of the carbon available and extending the unit's lifespan.

Manufactured with only the finest high porosity activated carbon, Vortex PROfilter effectively removes 99.5% of odors. Rated for a continuous worry-free operation and available in many different sizes and CFM ratings, Vortex PROfilter can be used for industrial, commercial or residential applications.

    Detailed description :

    •  Outside Diameter : 15.4"
    •  Height : 20" (50cm)
    •  Weight : 52.4 lbs
    •  Carbon Bed Width : 2.6" (66mm)
    •  Recommanded Fan : VTX600 & S-600
    •  Pressure Drop at Max CFM : 180pa/.75swg
    •  Recommended Max CFM: 450 at 0.1 sec
    •  Flange not included



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