Vortex PROfilter PRO45s 150 CFM 4" Carbon Filter by Atmosphere

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Discover the Vortex PROfilter PRO45s 150 CFM 4" Carbon Filter

Manufactured with only the finest high porosity activated carbon, the PROfilters PRO45s 150 CFM 4" Carbon Filter by Atmosphere effectively remove 99.5% of volatile organic compounds.

The factory installed high capacity PREfilter eliminates bigger particles such as dust to prevent premature usage of the carbon. Rated for a continuous worry-free oeration, light weight and its compact dimensions, make the PROfilters 45s and 70s ideal for residential filtration.

Technical characteristics : 

  • Hight Capacity Prefilter : 20mm thickness, low air resistance, antibacterial, high capacity (670g / M2), flame retardant.
  • High quality galvanized steel.
  • High porosity virgin extruded activated carbon 4mm. Specially designed to remove VOC. 66mm bed thickness.
  • High quality galvanized perforated steel.
  • High capacity prefilter - 20mm thickness - Low air resistance - Antibacterial- High capacity: 670g / M2 - Flame retardant
  • Industrial activated carbon filter for heavy duty applications
  • Carbon air filter can clean air up to 175 cfms.
  • Designed to be used with VTX400 Vortex 4 inch fan.

Detailed description :

  •  Flange : 4" fixed
  •  Outside Diameter : 7"
  •  Height : 18" (46cm)
  •  Weight : 13.8 lbs
  •  Carbon Bed Width : 1.6" (40.64mm)
  •  Recommended Fan : VTX400
  •  Recommended Maximum CFM : 150 at 0.1 sec
  •  Pressure Drop at Max CFM : 80pa/.75swg
  •  Max Operating Temperature of 175ºF 

Package Includes :

1x Vortex PRO filters PRO 45s 4" Carbon Filter
1x PREfilters PRO45s



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