Vortex S-800 711 CFM 8" Inline Fan + Pro-Lite Filter 8" x 40" 950 CFM Carbon Filter

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Discover the Vortex Powerfan S-800 711 CFM 8" Inline Fan by Atmosphere

The Vortex Powerfan S-800 711 CFM 8" Inline Fan by Atmosphere is here. The quietest inline duct fan on the market, the vortex s-line is completely different from the competition, and specifically designed for the indoor grower.

Technical Description : 

  • An extremely energy efficient ac brushless motor powers the patented mixed-flow dual impellers.

  • Built with double insulated walls, noise is reduced to levels that were previously thought to be unattainable.

  • All s-line models are assembled with high impact resistant polycarbonate casings, an integrated back draft damper and a mounting bracket designed for quick and easy installation.

    Detailed Description:

    ◉ Product Dimensions: 16.64" x 8" x 10.38" - 10.4 lbs
    ◉ Powerful, compact and quiet mixed flo impeller 
    ◉ 100% speed controllable
    ◉ May be mounted in any position
    ◉ Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140ºF (60ºC)
    ◉ Prewired with 120V power cord
    ◉ Energy efficient variable speed motor
    ◉ Fan and motor are precisely balanced for a quiet and vibration-free operation
    ◉ ETL listed
    ◉ AMCA air listed
    ◉ Item model number: S-800

    ◉ Model 8 x 40 
     Recommended Maximum CFM 950
    ◉ Flange 8"
    ◉ Outside Diameter 11.5"
    ◉ Height 40 in 101 cm
    ◉ Weight 32.8 lbs
    ◉ Carbon Bed Width 1.8" (46mm)
    ◉ Recommended Fan VTX800, VTX800L, S-800, VBC800
    ◉ Pressure Drop at Max CFM 125pa /.0.5"wg

    Package Includes :

    1 x Vortex Pro-Lite Filter 8" x 40" Carbon Filter 
    1 x Vortex Powerfans S-800 711 CFM 8" Inline Fan
    1 x Power Cord
    1 x Easy to install-mounting brackets 
    1 x PREfilter included.


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