Wind King Mini Speed Controller

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Discover Wind King Mini Speed Controller

Imagine you’ve just spent hours perfecting your plant placement in your room. Everything is all set, except one detail: your fans are too powerful for this layout! Now you need to get a smaller fan (big pain), or face the consequences of burnt leaves (bigger pain).

You need a fan speed controller that:

  • Works with brushless motors
  • Has multiple speed settings
  • Works with multiple brands of brushless inline fans

The WindKing Mini Speed Controller is an affordable speed controller for brushless inline fans that helps you get just the right amount of airflow in your grow room. It’s a simpler version of our Dial A Speed Controller. The dial a speed has a high-low switch that some customers need. If they don’t, then this mini speed controller can help them save.

If you sell inline fans, you need to sell speed controllers. They’re the perfect last minute purchase to toss into an order.

Fan Control Benefits You’ll Love

  • Simplicity creates affordability: by removing the high-low switch present on our dial a speed controller, the mini speed controller is a fraction of the price.
  • 3-speeds: low, medium, high
  • Use the fan you have: some growers have fans that are too powerful for their operation. This fan controller can help you dial back the power to make your current fans work for any room
  • Current protection: built-in fuse protects your controller from surges.
  • Works with brushless motors: most grow room inline fans are brushless, so getting the right speed controller is a must to avoid hums.


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